Has last week gotten you down? You wouldn’t be the only one. Check out our featured music this week for the ultimate mood booster in self-expression with these tunes.

“Nothing At All,” by BJ Fischer: This acoustic track grips onto a classic rhythm and croons its audience into a contemplative state of longing for freedom over our mind. The writer at the time was settling into the idea of not having much yet having everything they needed and finding freedom to venture from a trapped state of mind.

“Black or Blue,” by Cyrena Fiel: The second single from this artist, you can appreciate its crisp lilting vocals paired with piano and acoustic guitar. The track grapples the complexities of decision-making in a world full of gray areas… beautifully painting visuals in the lyrics and melody.

“Ghost Town,” by Fritz & Simone: This indie pop track puts the harmonizing vocals and poetic lyrics on display, adding a homemade charm with its stripped-to-the-essentials feel and simple melody.

“Cold Outside,” by Harry Marshall: This emotional track offers a simple beat to showcase the vocals. The song takes its listener into the biting weather and leaves them feeling the air nipping on their skin with its visuals and broken down lyrics.

“The City is Coming Down,” by The New Ravis: Written during their Irish Tour in 2019, at the peak of stress in tour life before everything was shut down. The song remains relevant as it feels the world we know before the pandemic seems to be gone for good. In this track, you can sense a regret in taking advantage of that they had before they knew it was gone.

“Bound,” by Posable Action Figures: This track has a catchy guitar hook and upbeat melody, paired with dark visuals and lyrics. ‘Bound is a song about the emotional power of jealousy. It’s a tie that binds, there’s no escape!’ says Gareth, the vocalist.

“guess ur right,” by Livia & the Rosebuds: This classical rock anthem is sure to brighten the spirits with its unique female lead vocals and its old soul. As it cycles through the rollercoaster of substance abuse, the band embodies the mindset and emotions and pours them out on a platter while we seek for better.

“Run From Home,” by DanielFromSalem: This punk hip hop track bends what we know about genre in its heavy beat and blend of autotune and electric guitar. As it battles the restlessness of anxieties and hopelessness, it confronts its fears head on.

Here are some new albums on our radar!

FLOWERS for VASES, by Hayley Williams: Laying her soul bare in gripping tracks, Williams continues her story in her journey toward healing from her past. Check out our full album review here!

Which song did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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