This week, we offer up some groovy beats and soul to get your week started right.

“Never Could Feel the Same,” by Peter Campanelli: A track about expressing mixed feelings, this song shares that it’s okay to not reciprocate someone’s romantic feelings with simple electronic elements and instrumentals.

“Hummingbird,” by Is Tropical: Rich in poetic lyrics in each verse, contrasted with a simple chorus, this indietronica song depicts an image of someone with calm exterior and what lies truly inside the camouflage mask– someone who is beating inside at a wild pace, begging to be freed.

“Motovun,” by Blue Canopy: While painting a picture of a hilltop town in Croatia, this track shares the anxieties in having a child and fear in losing oneself in the identity of parenthood.

“Fire,” by Kudu Blue: A track from the band’s upcoming EP, this song’s contagious beat fills the ears as it preaches about being independent and discovery of inner-strength to push back against the forces that strive to take that independence away.

“Bad Kingdom,” by KARTINI: Being feminine in this day and age has its challenges, and this track tells the story of a woman who overcomes many hardships to become who she is and to achieve her dreams.

“Confetti,” by Ivory Layne: The music video for this track was shot at the comfort of the artist’s home in quarantine. As the title track for her upcoming EP, this song entrances the listeners with soothing vocals and “the party was so hard to leave” vibes.

“6 Foot Deep,” by EMELINE: Filmed at the infamous “House of Legends,” icons like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin have lived there, and this music video depicts the hauntings and strangeness of it. As the vocalist parades the house, her voice seeps into the soul and remains planted in the brain long after the song is over.

“Billionaire Nightmare,” by Artio: This track is not only “being different” to derail the system, but using uniqueness as an armor to fight for a bigger destiny rather than fitting into the mold. 

“Concrete Feet,” by Splits: For fans of earlier Avril Lavigne, this pop punk track creates a unique listening experience with its soothing vocals and sweet guitar licks. This artist is officially on my radar as one to watch!

“Someone Like You,” by Tomi Saario: This track is a love song that describes the excitement of the first feelings of falling for someone new.

Which track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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