There are some groups that simply capture our hearts in time capsules of notes and guitar riffs. As you anticipate hearing them again, you think of all the beautiful memories you’ve amassed from their catalogue that have contributed to the soundtrack of your life. Jimmy Eat World, a cult pop-punk group from Phoenix, Arizona, continues to transport and permit us to relive nostalgic sentiments with their second installment of the Phoenix Session.

The Phoenix Sessions, a three part series, started with their tenth studio release Surviving (performed January 15th) and closes with their third studio album Clarity (performance February 12th). In the middle of both performances tonight – January 29th – we had the poetic storytellings of ‘Futures’, the group’s 5th studio album a 2004 power pop hit. For those worried about missing out, each live stream is available for up to 72 hours after airing. Access is granted by purchasing individual screenings or a pack purchase to enjoy all the sessions.

If you were amongst those who sat at their screens in joyful anticipation to see the talented group take the stage, a touching surprise of fan testimonials awaited counting down the start of the livestream. The admiration, the gratefulness, the memories, the love, and the sheer excitement for a group of gentlemen who have been at it for almost 30 years oozes as these testimonials amplifies anticipation.

Hearing such testimonials truly reminds us just the healing power of music and how powerful live performances can rekindle and strengthen such emotions.

As with the album cover the livestream begins with the ‘Futures’ calling and on the other end we’re welcomed with heavy guitar and an openly intimate setting. Be ready to ¨Say hello to good times” – this 51 minute ride gets you out of your chair from the jump. It is a true concert experience brought to your screen! Feel free to close your eyes, absorb the music and allow the nostalgic feeling of being so close to the stage wash over you.

As a high school junior, ‘Futures’ was an album about growth, struggle, love, and understanding, and this livestream tethered me back to those sentiments.

The group – composed of Jim Adkins (lead vocalist and guitarists), Tom Linton (rhythm guitar and vocalist), Zach Lind (drums and percussion), Rick Burch (bass and vocalist) along with Robin Vining (jack of all trades on the keyboards) – sticks simply to the music, briefly introducing themselves between the second and third songs of the album, Just Tonight and Work. Adkins simply describes them as, “a professional rock band from Arizona” which is precise, but quite modest. This professionalism is demonstrated throughout the synchronised, meticulous harmony of the group. With simple yet efficient lighting, seamless transitions, and multiple vantage points, the Phoenix Sessions is all encompassing, giving a new dimension to a fan favourite that is near and dear to so many.

Review written and stream content provided by Yves-André Doo-Kingue

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