November 9th saw the release of Tama Gucci’s Almost Blue, his first EP to be released via Sinderlyn, and features a unique take on combining smoother R&B with harder, “club-ready sensibilities.” Written and produced in the early months of 2020, Almost Blue delves into the complexity of emotions without an inch of holding back. Audiences may already know him from his viral brand, and where he started beginning with his song covers. Bred, raised, and familiar with everything that defines Jungle and Miami Bass, Tama Gucci is completely in his element with the release of multiple bold and innovative tracks.

“For me, blue is a color that represents total comfort and fulfillment.”

Tama Gucci

“Put It In Drive” is an irresistible foot-tapper and an excellent start to the EP. Tama Gucci’s vocal performance is smooth, calming, and fits perfectly with the chill beats that are backing up him and the other varieties of inserted instrumentals. The ethereal manner in which the lines “put it in drive, baby lets fly” are performed sounds like an invitation to a definite good time, on that is completely irresistible to say no to. If you’re looking to winddown, take a moment of relaxation, “Put It In Drive” has exactly the right sound to put anyone in a good mood.

“2 Wrongs Don’t Make A Right” is still chill in sound, but has a faster pace and pours more emotion into the message. Tama Gucci shares his frustrations of being mistreated, specifically saying that “I’m doing all I can do for you, but you’re hurting me. I know I’m the best for you, but you got to stop hurting me.” These emotions are clearly complex, and such complexity is relatable to a wide audience. Holding out for someone, knowing that they aren’t doing the same for you is painful, and this track encapsulate this hurtful feeling perfectly.

“Bedroom” has no shame in showing off the bliss of sexual fulfillment. Tama Gucci expresses how all of his worries are no more while in the bedroom, that it’s the place where he can be as free as he pleases. The background of the track is layered with the sounds of light moaning, and the euphoria of carelessness he feels comes to life in the lines “no more fighting lets just dance tonight. Lets just roll one then fuck all night.” Overall, the soft sounding track is an anthem of sexual empowerment and determination.

“Challenge” is the lead single of the EP, and is another headbanger full of confidence and the refusal of backing down. Produced by Nick León, “no more pain, only gain” is the main message being relayed from this track. For the chorus, Tama Gucci’s vocals are presented in multiple echoing layers, all on top of one another, and produces a low sound of a true fighting spirit. “Challenge” are for those looking for a boost in pride, who need a reminder of how great it is to have an unwavering tenacity in everything that you do.

“Sweater” immediately glows as it introduces itself with angelic string instrumentals and a warm otherworldly vocal performance. “Wear my heart on your sweater” is repeated with a sense of longing, a spark of hope that such heart will be cared for if it is out so openly. It can be said that this track shows the true talent of Tama Gucci and how he handles his voice. “Sweater” is unabashedly incredible in every aspect of musical artistry and skill.

“Show Me” has a lively tune while proclaiming bold statements of love to another person. The song shows no mercy when giving lines such as “you got to show me that you would die for me” and “would you die for me, because I would die for you.” With this, Tama Gucci shows how serious he his with his love, that he would do anything for the person he adores, and expects the same commitment from his significant other as well. A future with him is no future at all if the bond held together cannot stand the test of time.

“Panties” introduces itself with a more electronic sound than the other tracks, but still contains the charm that the entirety of Almost Blue has. It speaks of not being able to stop thinking about someone, relishing in how much you love them, but having insecurities in not knowing if you are truly the one meant for them or not. He speaks of how upsetting this is, and it is easily relatable due to how frequent such feelings happen to everyone worldwide.

Photo Credit: Lauren Davis

Almost Blue is daring, unique, and completely full of life. It can also be streamed on SoundCloud here, and the full EP can be downloaded for your own personal enjoyment here.

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