Exclusive Interview: Chaz Kiss Discusses Latest Single, “Bite My Tongue,” with us on Twitch

Chaz Kiss and her noise-makers are creating big waves in the upstate New York DIY scene. Since the beginning of this year, the project began their live music journey playing in crowded party basements and will be going on their first DIY tour throughout the summer. The band is made up of Jeremy Stene on guitar, and David Stingle on drums, showcasing Chaz and her stellar vocal displays. The three of them live and breathe music every day of their lives as they live together as roommates and create new tunes.

After shifting the name to Chaz Kiss from ameliarose, this artist rebranded her sound into a fully-fledged live band that captures the full, confessional essence of what each song she’s written before has been, all into a new and improved sound of angst and anger, blended with witty lyricism and the essence of perfect poetry of her own creation. As a whole, Chaz Kiss refuses to fit within the scope of genre, taking claim to their own unique sound.

The latest release, “Bite My Tongue,” shifts the tone of past releases with its grittier instrumentals, raw and real, scratching the itch to create all things bizarre and equally fierce in production. Everyone has that one ex-partner that wasn’t good for them, but they were still irresistible to you in every way. The chorus of this track expresses that moment of running into someone you used to know at the gas station, the wound is still fresh, conversation becomes playful, and all you want is to take them home. The single was written, recorded, and produced by Chaz Kiss, with production elements done by Chris Pennie of Dillinger Escape Plan and Coheed and Cambria. The track was mixed and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. 

We chatted with the band on our Twitch to break down the single, and talk about what’s next for the band.

Watch our full recap of the stream below, and be sure to follow us on Twitch to catch us when we’re live! Don’t forget to listen to “Bite My Tongue,” available on all major streaming platforms, as well.

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