Exclusive: Sam Montgomery (Stripped) + Interview with Joe Daccache

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In a year where many have found themselves grasping for reminders of a simpler time, Joe Daccache’s newest single “Sam Montgomery” is the perfect means of escape.

Inspired by Hillary Duff’s portrayal of Sam in “A Cinderella Story,” the song is a story of longing and anticipation backed by a 2000’s R&B inspired track with the ever-familiar sounds of iMessage tones throughout. Though the specific situation of waiting on messages is a thoroughly-modern dilemma, the questions of intention that swirl when a relationship first emerges is a tale as old as time that Daccache captures beautifully.

Photography by @StargirlShoots

With a silky vocal track, mellow guitar melodies and rich piano throughout, the song seems like it would be quite the slow jam, but an upbeat backing track keeps the tone of the song playful and flirty. It’s a perfect example of an earnest expression of emotion with just enough reservation to keep things light. The bridge adds the cherry on top with an impressive vocal arrangement to create the climax of an already exciting song.

Daccache, a Nashville-based Lebanese LGBT+ advocate, is seeing a period of rapid growth as an artist. With this song as his fourth single of 2020, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Listen to the stripped version of “Sam Montgomery” + a brief interview with Joe Daccache.

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