Byron Juane Hosts First Ever Headlining Show

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Taking place in East Atlanta Recording studios, Byron Juane hosted his very first headlining show via livestream. The show opened with a jam session by his supporting instrumentalists. Shortly after, Byron appears from stage right sporting a black t-shirt and jeans, with an Atlanta Braves cap on.

Opening the night by performing his recent hit, LSD, it’s clear from the get go that Byron needs a bigger stage. With a voice so big it reached every corner of the room, the stage was immediately too small. Following a booming intro, he smoothly slid into Honey. Before beginning to perform, he took a moment to share the meaning behind the song: about how the feeling of butterflies so commonly fades in a relationship, and continued on to preach that real love is staying no matter what the situation might be.

Bringing it back to the EP, Byron + his band slowed it down into the final song off the EP, Gorgeous. The chat went wild over Byron + his heartthrob anthem. Leading into Nice Guy, he stated:

I want to flip the narrative on the stigma around being a “nice guy” and make it a positive thing. People are so used to being damaged in love that we’ve made it popular. I want to be a nice guy and show that real love does exit. My momma raised a good man and I want to show that.

Byron Juane

Clearly looking to engage with the virtual crowd and express his heart to his fans, he continued to speak following the performance of Nice Guy, stating,

If you never went through heartbreak, you’d never know what real love is.

Byron Juane

This lead to the beat dropping into Guilty, which deserves special recognition. His performance of this track was incredible, really letting his vocal ability shine, with a variety of creative touches. Leading into the conclusion of the performance, he stated, “It’s crazy how love can make you crazy” which immediately went into Promise I’m Not Crazy. This was a perfect way to wrap up the show. Beginning with a powerful echo on his vocals, his voice cooed into a performance of this song which was a very honorable ode to traditional, great R&B performances. The night ended with Byron giving a bow, and sharing a very humble thank you to his fans that tuned in, making the night a highlight as it was a sold out show.

Be sure to follow Byron Juane on Spotify + Instagram to keep up when you’ll be able to catch the next show, we’d definitely recommend tuning in!

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