Exclusive Premiere: The colorful world of Pet Owner’s latest indie-pop single

With electronic buzzes and acoustic guitar, the distinctive experimental world of Pet Owner shines through in her latest single “Helping Hand.” Throughout the track, guitar crunches and slides and electronic noise frames the delicate voice of Pet Owner, AKA Lea Mathis. With her soft style reflecting the work of sister artists like Cate Le Bon and Helena Deland, Mathis brings together intimate poetry with otherworldly imagery both musically and lyrically. The result is a song that brings a kitsch and almost hyper-real angle to the otherwise ordinary topic of love.

“Helping Hand” is the second single from indie artist Pet Owner’s upcoming album. She said about the meaning behind the track that it “almost casually negotiates basic questions of a love relationship (such as socks lying around)” and that the song “reaches an elegant balancing act between dreamy catchiness and emotional depth.” Lea Mathis is the woman behind the Pet Owner moniker, a songwriter from Lucerne, Switzerland. A self-described singer “with a velvety voice,” she observes and creates based on the natural world that surrounds her.

The experimental artist typically programs drum machines from the ’80s and adds her own folk-inspired guitar riffs, synth, and other elements to create her distinctive projects. What emerges is something of a “contemporary mélange of folktronica and bubblegum pop.”

In addition to the otherworldly essence of her music, the art and music videos for Pet Owner’s upcoming album reflect those same colorful qualities. That debut album, Natural Behaviour, will be released on the Swiss label Red Brick Chapel later this year so keep up with Mathis on Instagram for updates and listen to her latest single “Helping Hand” below!

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