Exclusive Premiere: “One More Time” is making funk mainstream

If you’re looking for an excuse to dance, this is it. The Irish-indie rock band Naked Animals has clearly cultivated a distinct ‘70s pop-funk sound for the modern world, and it shines through in their new single “One More Time.” Infused alongside the pop influences is a classic rock angle too, especially shining in the lead guitar. The fusion makes for a confident, funky, and new age track. The bass dances around steadily in the background of “One More Time,” bringing that consistent funk rhythm, while the guitars and keys show off all across their registers.

The upbeat pop song feels like an ode to happiness but is actually a plea for just one more shot at love. With the vibrant guitar riffs and energetic interplay of instruments, it’s sonically interesting throughout, and no two seconds sound the same. The verses, tales of no happy endings or forget-me-nots (confidently sung by lead singer Ben Bickerdike) contrast with the optimistic chorus, where he hopes for a future in the relationship. The thematic shift is reinforced in the instrumentals, as the intensity of the guitar matches the changing mentality of the singer.

The rock group is from Cork, Ireland, and cites the likes of Prince, Republic of Loose, and Talking Heads as influences. They’ve been playing together in different musical setups for over ten years, and have certainly put forth that love for ‘70s era music in their own style. They are known in Ireland for their high-octane stage shows and have played at major festivals like Electric Picnic, Wilderness, and Other Voices.

They recently debuted another single “My Deepest Funk” and are due to release an EP in June titled “Business As Usual.” As the self-titled “finely oiled pop/funk machine” likes to say, they were born to entertain. Their funk-fusion tracks are great music for the weekend, so check out their stop-motion music video for the song here or listen to it on Soundcloud below! Don’t forget to grab your dancing shoes.

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