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Following his 2021 EP, “Emotional,” Eddie Benjamin is back this year with a perky new song called “Weatherman.” Announced on February 18th, the track was introduced alongside a music video broadcasted by MTV First Look and Nickelodeon Music. The first single to be showcased this year, a new album is expected to be delivered this spring. In the mean, however, you can expect the Australian multi-instrumentalist to Join Justin Bieber on his Justice World Tour. Currently on the road since “Weatherman’s” release, the pop singer will fill up dates until the tour’s end on May 18th. Nonetheless, here is a quick first impression of the single.

When I was writing the song, I felt out of Control and didn’t know what to do… I couldn’t help how I felt, and it summed up all these extremities in a really vulnerable way. You’re taking to yourself, asking for a sunny day.

Eddie Benjamin On Writing “Weatherman”

Photo Credits: Maddie Ziegler

A call for optimism after a long period of hardship, lyrics in “Weatherman” such as “so tired of living in yesterday” correlate well with the atmosphere of today. In a post-COVID world, it seems that many artists such as Benjamin dwell on positivity instead of inner darkness for inspiration.

I was caught up in my past life, yeah

Now there’s some things you cannot change, uh

So tell me, weatherman, what’s it gonna be?

Turning all the time just so I can see

Eddie Benjamin – “Weatherman” Lyrics

Musically, the instruments such as the piano are upbeat, making for easy listening. Exceptionally chill is the reverb-soaked verse accompanied by dreamy synth and a wicked cool hip-hop beat. Add in Eddie Benjamin’s sweet but never overbearing vocals, and you get the making of a pop classic.

Video Credit: Eddie Benjamin Offical Youtube Channel

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Just a guy who likes music.

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