Twenty-three year old and Colorado based artist, Estella Dawn, has risen onto our radar as a musician to watch with her beautiful vocals and skill in songwriting. Throughout the last couple of years, Dawn has been releasing a single every six weeks, which has given her an extensive following and praise for her pure originality. While her skills vary and transcend through multiple genres, she has remained heavily involved throughout the process of each track; co-producing every element and layer musically before releasing them into the world.

She has involved herself with music at a young age, and became a semi-finalist on New Zealand’s Got Talent at the age of sixteen. There is an essence of modern music mixed with timeless originality that has impressed critics, fellow musicians, and people all around the world. Her recognition as a young and talented singer/songwriter led to opening spots for established artists such as Adam McGrath, Andrew White, Titanium and performances before crowds of 10k+ at the Bowl of Brooklands.

2021 is going to be a big year for Estella Dawn. She will be hitting the studio with a full band to record her first self-produced album. Dawn fuses her powerhouse vocals, story like arrangements, and diversity of style into music that is unique, honest, powerful, and intimate.

Her latest single, “Petty,” is unveiled with a classic piano and raw vocals, and strings echo in the background as they compliment the song as a whole. Estella Dawn’s voice haunts your being with gripping lyrics and a voice that sooths an aching heart. And the song continues to build with a slow drum beat; vocal elements building on one another as they take on a project of expressing how our relationships throughout life impact us as a whole, and when a friendship or relationship fails, how we choose to act.

I’ve always been fascinated by our many diverse relationships and how they play such an integral role in our individual and collective human experience. The breakdown of a relationship whether it be platonic or romantic is a tough, turbulent time. Often fueled by both the emotional and irrational. There are so many moving parts and when you’re dealing with peoples core feelings, things can sour easily. Someone that you once defended tirelessly is now the one throwing jabs at you and it can be difficult not to want to retaliate. Petty is about the breakdown of a friendship, knowing someone’s intimate secrets and wanting to use them in retaliation but knowing better.

~ Estella Dawn

This ballad is simple and beautiful; not just because of how Estella showcases her vocals, but each element that she wove carefully into the song are crucial to the whole track; without one of these elements, the song would feel incomplete.

Stream “Petty” now:

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