Alex2e Highlights Fulfilling Friendships in “Lonely”

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Alex2e (Alex Tuohey) is an alternative singer/songwriter from Western Massachusetts. More importantly, he is a storyteller. In 2012, while recovering from a major surgery and desperate for reprieve, he picked up his sister’s beat up guitar and started writing. Words became lyrics, days became months and bathroom video covers turned into gigs. Fast forward to today and his leaps can be measured in dog years.

He has made a name for himself both in his home state and beyond, averaging 130+ tour dates annually. He has supported national acts such as Howie Day, Tyler Hilton, Aaron Carter, and others. His singles have received placement on Spotify’s New Alternative Playlist and Discover Weekly playlists. Whether in a bar with a couple of people or in packed venues, Alex has been living out his dream of performing for people.

“Lonely” is his newest single which speaks to the social pressures young adults struggle to keep up with as they get older. I know when I was in my early 20s and coming straight out of college, it was easier to keep an active social life than it is now when I’m 26 and trying to juggle multiple responsibilities. This song highlights this relatable struggle in an uplifting alternative-pop manner in which Alex blends electronic and full band elements while maintaining his introspective writing style.

The song starts off very bright, which is maintained throughout the track, with a luminescent beat that swirls behind Alex’s honest vocals. He begins his first verse by mentioning that he’s stepping out but doesn’t want to, questioning if he should post a picture of his new outfit, alluding to societal rules that are placed on individuals – all to summarize some of the pressures many young adults feel, especially in this day of social media consumption.

The track takes a turn when he enters the chorus. He’s no longer worrying himself with these societal rules and pressures and instead is just letting it all hang out. By surrounding himself with friends he actually wants and growing meaningful friendships, he realizes that it’s not bad to be lonely because he’s able to be his authentic self. His next verse continues to highlight the unsatisfying feeling he gets when he’s in a group full of strangers, having conversations he wishes would end. The instrumental continues to build underneath his genuine message, coasting through with radiant melodies. He ends the song with the reminder that it’s not bad to be lonely.

This release reunites Alex with Ghost Hit Recording/Alex Oedel and signifies his first time working with producer Sean Croteau and shines as an alt-pop anthem.

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