EREZ Is A “Modern Dream”

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The lovely low and raspy vocals of EREZ, that hint to some inspiration by Amy Winehouse, are entirely unique and fresh, really setting her apart. In her single “Modern Dream,” she lures you in with nearly a capella melodies but for a few sparse piano chords. Then, a deep and groovy bass line, both acoustic and electronic, introduce the meat of the track. A breakdown with dreamy piano melodies makes for a super intoxicating chorus part of the song. The verses are very open and sparse, while the chorus melts everything together to really make it all make sense, gluing the different elements of the track together. Gorgeous reverb on the vocals make it sound almost eery, offering a dark and deep, mature track.

Modern Dream” closes with a haunting instrumental moment that bleeds into a cacophony of echoey vocals, electronic noises and distorted piano melodies. Interwoven in this moment is an audio clip of a quote saying something about “an artificial construct, the external and internal… that’s how we we’re really taught to look to ourselves.” It alludes to the deeper meaning behind the track, which is representative of “the times,” as it implores the source of this hunger for fame, validation and recognition that we see so often.

This NYC-born, Israeli-raised queer artist and producer wears her heart on her sleeve. As an alternative electronic act, EREZ prides herself on producing her own music. “As a woman, I didn’t want to feel like I had to rely on anyone to get my records done. I feel like producing my own music has given me complete sonic freedom to execute my vision to the max of my ability in the moment I’m creating,” she explains. “The musical landscapes I carve out are unique and feel like me. I only create what I love and enjoy listening to.”

I’ve added this to my Nü Qü playlist. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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