Emma Bieniewicz Journeys With Us In ‘Space’

Space is a place not everyone can access, well unless you’re an astronaut. While there is that possibility to do so in the future like how we go around with public transport. For now, it remains an area only a select few can explore. Which is a shame because space is such a beauty and within holds mysteries waiting to be discovered. A sealed can of Pringles up in the shelf, we await for it to be opened so that we could finally experience this ‘tasty’ treat.

This strong craving for space echoes in Emma Bieniewicz’s latest song entitled ‘Space’. Released last May 5th in all major streaming platforms. ‘Space’ is a track that talks about space more specifically the need for personal space. Sure, outer space and giving one some space are different things. It might even seem like a stretch to few. But what the tune does with its spacey atmosphere and well crafted lyrics is to merge the two ideas in a playful way. Thus allowing us to draw the connection that both are difficult to get to and it takes a lot of effort. Not to mention the maturity together with the feelings of floating and freedom that enters our systems once finally achieved.

More than a clamoring for space or this begging for liberation from inner demons. Emma Bieniewicz’s sweet vocals coupled with dreamy almost heavenly like instrumentals stand as a reminder that we should put ourselves first from time to time. It’s not that serving and or worrying for our loved ones is a crime. What is a travesty though is that we neglect and or completely forget about us. Resulting to us being unwell in body, mind and soul. Similar to the vacuoles of space, venturing out there without a suit is asking for a slow and painful death.

As much as it is about self love, ‘Space’ is also about being content – content with being alone. Whether by choice or happenstance, being single shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing. Rather than throw a pity party, celebrate it because just like an astronaut on a mission it’s a major exploration. One that will improve yourself in leaps and bounds. It’s definitely a character development arc that’ll turn the drab to infinity and beyond. Perhaps even up up and away.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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