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Elderbrook’s New Music Video Highlights the Struggles of the LGBTQ+ Community

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The music video of Elderbrook’s new single “Broken Mirror”, the focus track from his new EP Innerlight is out now. The video features DARKWAH and was directed by Jordan Rossi.

The video follows a day in the life of a Queer performer which is played by Darkwah, it flawlessly and realistically portrays the problems they face and how it impacts their personal safety and their mental health. With a series of scenes in the local community to their places of work and places that are considered to be a ‘safe space’. The director, Jordan is a brave and rule-breaking creator who has been lauded for his work which often centred around the LGBTQ+ community.

The cinematic track has become a harbour of an authentic story, by featuring the issues faced by many Queer people even in 2021. With an alarming and fearful scene where cornered by a homophobic mob the video sheds light on even the small things that they go through. Be it being photographed or stared or people touching their hair or being touched inappropriately the video tries to cover everything.

Darwah delivers a flawless performance by perfectly showing the moments of happiness, and those of pain and frustration and fear. And in the end, shows the strength of the character, in a spoken-word scene, which shows their inner strength, resolve and dignity. Rossi puts all of this together amazingly, in the video and it has stunning cinematography from DoP Charlie Knight.

Following the support from Elderbrook and Parlophone there was an influx of several LGBTQIA+ activations that aims to support the community. This includes an Instagram Live session on Elderbrook’s Instagram platform, that features Jordan Rossi and Darkwah who were talking about the music video, on Monday October 25th at 6pm (BST).

I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.
I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.

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