“Americana” by Jon Rivera Explores the Universal Desire to Make Something of Yourself

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Canadian singer/songwriter Jon Rivera (2 million+ streams prior as JT Soul) has been on a journey of self-improvement and growth. After a year hiatus where he changed his life and sound, he now presents himself as Jon Rivera, a name derived from his own name and a homage to his Portuguese roots. In his time off, he started to take care of himself, lost 100+ pounds, and took time to figure out how he was going to grow as an artist.

Standing out from the typical city kid, Jon’s metropolitan upbringing leaves an unmistakable mark on his songs, while his attraction for pop sonorities naturally contrasts his introspective songwriting and tough yet soothing tone.

His fresh new track “Americana” explores the universal desire to go out and make something of yourself. We know what we want and deserve, but sometimes settle for something else – not necessarily good or bad, just different. Given the growth that Jon has experienced over the past year, it feels as though we are given a preview of some of the inspiration behind the track.

“Americana” features a very catchy soundscape, leaving listeners with an energizing, but equally soothing, inspiration. Plucky guitar strings create a well-balanced backdrop for Jon’s conversational vocals, a style that fits well with the overall vibe of the track. The main vocals start out punchy, also backed by lighter vocals, quickly capturing the attention of listeners who are invited to share their stories of not belonging and wanting change. A hypnotic sway flows through the production, one that will make listeners feel like they could be on the dance floor or in their room, particularly in an introspective state. The message gives you a feeling of a safety net – like no matter what choice you make, it will all work out in the end.

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