Crazy Celtic punk-rock group The Dropkick Murphys stopped by in Copenhagen K.B. Hallen to deliver a party full of beer on last Sunday evening. I decided to experience this myself, therefore instead of keeping it down before Monday I packed my camera and went to the venue.

The show started quite early at 7pm, which was totally ok since we have got a chance to see two opening acts. First on stage – Jesse Ahern – a guy with an acoustic guitar entertained an audience with his calm Americana blues. It was a calm start for the evening and while Jesse was hypnotizing the audience with his low and calm voice – most of the audience used it as a soundtrack to drink they have kept in their hands while staring at the stage.

The next act was more energetic but equally good (if not the best this evening) – Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. This English musician who is mixing the folk music and a punk entered the stage with a blast.  His Show was dynamic and simply crazy – first notes played under the heavy strobe lights broke down the silence in the venue and initiated the party. It was the moment when the first beers were thrown up in the air.

As it turned out Frank Turner besides being a good musician is an amazing entertainer as well. He was joking with an audience on every possible occasion, convincing the fans to start the mosh pit and entering this crazy jumping crowd with a microphone in his hand and finishing the song, just a few minutes after he played a calm folk ballad on an acoustic guitar. At the end, he asked the audience not to leave the venue and give a chance to Dropkick Murphys, at least for 2-3 songs – as he said, ‘I know everyone came to see me tonight, but please give them a chance’.

Dropkick Murphys – the main act of the evening entered the stage shortly after 9pm. First, the band stayed behind the huge semitransparent screen with the crazy shadow play when the lights situated behind the band flashing in a chaotic way. The screen was removed after few chords of the first song and the band vocalists entered the stage circulating around the stage.

Both – Al Barr and Ken Casey – were doing their usual stuff getting as close to the fans as they could. I had to use my spider senses at some moments when,  shooting the first song in the pit a microphone thrown by Ken just missed me by inches to be caught by a fan in the first row who just finished the chorus of ‘The Lonesome Boatman’.

Most of the fans were already under the strong influence of the golden liquid (it was after all the Irish music night) eagerly joined the band at the party. Fist bumps and mic sharing with the crown was not the only thing helping Dropkick’s to have their fans involvement. As I have noticed shortly after moving to the back of the venue – during some songs the graphics were showing the lyric of the song which of course helped to sing along.

The show finished as usual during Dropkick Murphys show – band invited fans to join them on stage. Nothing new for someone who has already seen their shows but a trick which still does the job. Fans started to leave the venue entertained and mostly drunk. I am wondering how some of them managed to get to work the next morning.


Photos and Review by Kasper Pasinski


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