After a 3 year hiatus, Sky Ferreira is back and she brought the 80’s with her. In her newly released single “Don’t Forget,” Ferreira introduces today’s generation to orchestral pop backed by an angelic smorgasbord of grunge-illuminated chorales. As her track record reveals, Ferreira is the type of artist who takes her time giving the people what they need when they least expect it, and going back to work until she feels its time to come back–becoming the face of the term, “good things come to those who wait.” But in her brief time in the shadows, she’s been putting in the work.

It was unclear which direction Ferreira would take as she’s dipped her toes in many facets of media. Back in 2018 she was featured in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver and linked arms with Elijah Wood and Nicolas Cage in The Trust. But her time behind the screen was still coated in her musicality as her perceptible pipes shimmered during her cover of The Commodores’ “Easy” on Wright’s soundtrack of the film.

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Her last single, “Downhill Lullaby” won acclaim from Pitchfork, Vulture and NME coining the record “as one of the best songs of 2019,” setting her up for a lifetime of success but a mass of pressure. The self-proclaimed bad girl cleverly dropped the weights, with her middle fingers in the air, and pumped her intoxicating spirit in our veins–reminding the world that she’ll be back.

“Don’t Forget” exudes with rebellion, making her forthcoming album, Masochism all the more desirable. The song begins with a euphonious synthesized chime that lights up inside a hidden rage. It swallows you in with every note and spits you out harmoniously with its grungy outer layer, perfectly contrasted by her softened assertion. Ironically, the tracks emotive line falls within the instrumentals rather than the lyrics.

The anarchy, rage, and revolutionary energy is pulsed through the electricity of the bass where the lyrics follow along, reminding you where Ferreira is and what she hopes you’ll feel. By doing so, Ferreira left the window open with balanced lines such as “keep it in mind, nobody here’s a friend of mine” and “oh no, I won’t forget/I don’t forgive”– leaving her words up for interpretation rather than screaming them at you. It’s a small technique that can go a long way. In times so uncertain and uncomfortable an outlet for the anger is necessary, and “Don’t Forget” has the potential to become a universal anthem.

Listen to “Don’t Forget” here. Now available on all streaming platforms.

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