John Cudlip, publicly showcased as Launder, is the type of artist who respires through his music. Every note, lyric, strum, beat, and riff is an appendage of something that has been dormant within, waiting to ripen into something truly momentous. 3 years and 60 demos later, Cudlip found his lucidity through Ghostly and his sobriety. In his newly released single “Become,” Cudlip alludes to something much larger than we can grasp, a debut LP that is “Happening” at last. By previously delivering tracks like “Unwound” and “Chipper,” Cudlip set the scene for something cinematically authentic, and he inevitably did not miss a beat.

In a playful session with friends, Jackson Phillips of Day Wave, Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV, and of course the voice of the project SOKO, “Become” came to fruition naturally. By repurposing his addictive tendencies into consistency, Cudlip was able to create a carefully constructed record that bleeds with maturation. As most debuts often categorize themselves as trial and error, Cudlip’s evoked surreal artistry, skipping multiple steps in the process.

Photo By: Cameron McCool

“Become is about being stuck in situations where you know you deserve better, but it still drags you down. And you know deep down that to become your best self you have to break through thick layers of detangling old patterns and live with intention,” says Cudlip while carefully connecting his novel journey of self-reflection and a life steering away from addiction. His ability to traverse an energy that is so paralyzing into a focused expression of vulnerability is unanimously above admirable.

When listening to this song, its mesmeric trance comfortably encloses you in a place you never knew you needed, a place where a chaotic relaunch becomes so endearing. As SOKO’s hazy vocals wrap their warm hands around your shoulders, Cudlip contrasts the softness with something distinguishably pungent. Another story is unravelled with the strings, combining a blend of smooth projection and dissonant shouts from all ends–where each chord plays like a sigh of relief, emitting a long awaited cry into a world that is undeniably confusing. As the track grew from the realm of his pain, Cudlip makes it known that, “I couldn’t have made this song what it is by myself,” confining the commotion was a job made for more than one, and it is evident that the end-result is something worth hearing.

Watch “Become” Visualizer above.

With their upcoming album releasing on July 15th, it is clear that Launder was born for their debut and is ready to gift us with a record so devastatingly beautiful that it will be the score of our unknown struggles.

Listen to “Become” here. Now available on all streaming platforms.

Pre-order “Happening” here. Releasing on July 15th on all streaming platforms.

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