Demi Lovato dropped their newest single “Skin of My Teeth” and wow wow wow are we in love! It has been a really long time since Demi has been in the music scene, they stepped out for a while to catch some aliens, post fire pictures on Instagram and connecting more with themselves. This new song gives us a flashback of when Demi first stepped into the music industry with their dark eyeliner, front bangs, and stellar heels. Pop punk is not a phase according to Demi.

After teasing the song in January with short clips to their Instagram story fast forward to June and the new single has blessed the ears of Lovato Stans. “Skin of My Teeth” shows that Demi can connect with their roots while growing up and progressing in the industry. Demi debut “Skin of My Teeth” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and is the first single off their upcoming 16-track album Holy Fvck. But wait there’s more, a tour is among us in the Fall of 2022.

Demi’s Instagram post showcasing Pop Punk Demi’s return.

Demi has pulled remnants from their old pop punk era but is now singing about really important subjects like mental health and addiction. We have guitar riffs, dark lyrics, insane vocals and a dope music video. Demi sings about their battle with addiction, facing death but coming out stronger than before. In 2018, Demi unfortunately suffered a severe overdose experiencing three strokes and a heart attack. They are quite in fact alive by the skin of their teeth.

“The writing process for me was really easy, the lyrics just flowed out of me and my co-writers Lil Aaron and Laura Veltz. we all had an incredible time working on this song and we’re so excited to make an anthem for people that struggle with addiction”

Demi Lovato

Demi has never been one to shy away from talking about their struggle, their comeback and all the steps in between. This song has such a haunting feel. Death was hanging over Demi’s head and the lyrics state how they were just trying to keep their head above water. Making the lyrics relatable that this could be a son, a daughter, a mother, anybody can be facing what Demi has been through. As much as you want to rock out to the song because it is a bop, you sorta catch yourself feeling emotional listening to it. Towards the end, Demi kicks death aside and comes out on top. Bye bye Reaper, you are dismissed!

Official Music Video for “Skin of My Teeth”

If this new single is what the album is going to emulate, we are in for an amazing album. Welcome back Demi, you have been missed and we can’t wait to see the rest of this pop punk era flourish.

Listen to “Skin of My Teeth” HERE and pre-order Demi’s new album Holy Fvck HERE

Buy Tickets to Demi’s tour because you deserve to hear “Skin of My Teeth” live.

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If you or anyone you know is battling with addiction, please feel free to use these resources: Drug Abuse Hotline 24 hour hotlines National Drug & Alcohol Treatment Hotline

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
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