Deep Tropics does an amazing job of melding hip-hop with bass music and house music alike within its lineup. The first half of the day is a perfect example how how three distinct genres can be juxtaposed for a successful, consistent and high-energy musical vibe. Kyle Kinch had a short set, delayed by rain, but it packed a punch with a whole lot of deep, groovy house bounciness. Hourglass reeled it in for some sensual, booty-shaking songs fusing future and afrobeats. Local hip-hop producer $avvy served the Congo Soundsystem energy through the roof for a few quick bars. Stay tuned for an artist spotlight interview exclusive coming from us with this guy! Donned in a powerful red jumpsuit, Yung Bae blended old school hip-hop with funk and smooth jazz for an intoxicating set. Finally, Joe Kay’s crunchy bass house began the transition into the nighttime bass sounds.


When Charlesthefirst took the stage, it went from zero to one hundred real quickly. His ambient and stylistic introductory bass sounds grumbled through the speakers, the Meru sound system magnifying the frequencies so intensely, I kid you not, I almost tapped out… before the actual music even began, mind you! When I tell you that the bass shook the earth beneath me, bringing me to my knees… When I tell you that the bass quite literally changed the pattern of my heart beat… When I tell you that the bass made it difficult to breathe… Whew! The sound system Deep Tropics utilizes never ceases to amaze me, and it was ideal for the type of experimental sonic experience an artist like Charlesthefirst curates best, although a bit overwhelming at moments. The earthly and nature-inspired sound samples Charlesthefirst uses in his music fed into the fantasy of being lost in the Deep Tropics well. Hip-hop clearly influencing his sound as well, plenty of deep bass drops ensued that left everybody not knowing what to do with themselves. The way he can go back and forth between dirty bass beats and ethereal soundscapes keeps Charles at the top of best sets for the weekend. His innovative approach to the hour he had with us proves his addition to the Deep Tropics catalog is perfectly fitting.

Daily Bread, a funky dubstep producer from Atlanta, is an artist I’ve been trying to catch for a while, so it was a blast ending the festival with a fun set by him at the Conga Soundsystem as the crowds began to disperse to their respective after parties. He’s somewhat of a hidden gem still, so the vibe was tight. It was an absolute pleasure just to watch him get down to his own music; his bass face was real, and he even played a few unreleased tracks for us! It was the perfect way to segue my evening into the after parties, because it gave my exhausted self the exact pick-me-up that I needed.


There were just simply too many good after parties to attend on evening two of Deep Tropics, so the Glasse Factory team had to split up. Elena took on the Brooklyn Bowl where LA based DJ and producer Cassian transitioned the energy to melodic house as the crowd filled in for the late night. Chicago based house music legend Green Velvet swarmed in with all gas and no brakes, making the crowd move and jump like nobody’s business. Both Yung Bae and Claude Vonstroke rolled through to join the party as well.

I personally gravitate toward the experimental bass side of things, so the Lab Group after party was something I had been looking forward to the most. Primarily, I wanted to check out Chmura, an emerging artist I’ve been listening to nonstop all year since I discovered his incredible 2020 All Original Mix. He did not disappoint, and I’m super glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves! Secondly, I will take any opportunity to see Supertask work his magic. The visual he played in front of was both hypnotic and thought-provoking, matching the artistic and expressive nature of his beats. He played more of a detox, downtempo set, which is typical of his sound, and it was a much welcomed breather from the high energy of everyone else’s sets throughout the day. Lastly, Charlesthefirst two times in one day? Say less; all at one of Nashville’s most beloved club’s, ACME, nonetheless!

If you missed our highlights from Day 1, make sure to check them out here. Stay tuned for the full weekend run-down with an extensive Deep Tropics photo gallery!

All photos by Elena Lin.

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