While some songs that glorify passions that reach the point of obsession may freak some people out, every once in awhile a piece of music comes along that manages to not only seduce the track’s intended protagonist, but the listener, as well. Such is the case with the debut single of dream pop artist Aegra. On “Morph,” the theme of lust gone awry and obsession taken too far is a constant throughout, especially in the unsettling yet beautiful chorus: “Wanna crawl inside your skin / Wanna try on your name / Wanna see what it feels like to be beautiful.” Aegra’s lovely vocals — reminiscent of Enya mixed with Kate Bush — complement the great composition of the song, which is full of dreamy, electronica elements a la Björk or The Eurythmics. It’s a song that’s more of a vibe than a bop, yet it’s an enthralling ride all the same, full of haunting facets the entire time. “Morph” is appropriately creepy yet serene for this autumnal time of year and, according to Aegra, was created from a fitting inspiration:

“‘Morph’ is the product of staying up til 4am watching serial killer documentaries, and ruminating on obsessive love.”

Be sure to check out Aegra on SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram.

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