Dark And Nightshade’s ‘Clamorous Head’ Is An Enticing Journey Through A Messy Mind

To clamor for something is part of modern human life. Whether it’s done amidst a protest or other public events such as concerts, assemblies and what have you. It’s a restless response that the a group or an individual wants more. To paint a clearer picture, it’s a rowdier version of the “Oliver Twist” movie (2005) scene “Please Sir, I want some more.”. Instead of saying “please” to whom it may be concerned, chattering and incoherent murmurs fill the venue. Ahh the chaos!

But within that disarray and all the messy forces at work, there’s still beauty to be had. A glowing example of this is Geoff Sweetland aka Dark And Nightshade’s latest single entitled “Clamorous Head”. Released December 9th, it’s an energetically bopping track that tackles the inner screams of the mind. Like an unruly crowd in an open field, there’s an unrest in the singer’s head. Should he play along with games life is throwing at him, or should he move on and make a change. As the lyrics would say “We’re just playing along. In an attempt to belong. I guess we’re right to move on.”. It’s never easy though because in every turn there are demonic voices saying that “you don’t belong”. Even when you try to move on and work things out, these embodied voices will remind you that you’re just like that misfit toy nobody wants and will eventually be thrown away.

As depressing and as hopeless as that sounds, the atmosphere of “Clamorous Head” is incredibly cheerful and in some instances blissful. It’s good at playing masquerades with its audience mirroring how we conduct ourselves online. While we may act cool and happy on social media, deep within us is a tug of war of who we were and who we want to be.

Unlike life itself though, this existential crisis is set to an addictive melody, laid with exquisite beats and trippy vocals that captivates the senses. So if you’re in search for a tune to add to your playlist to help you cruise through life, then “Clamorous Head” by Dark And Nightshade is a perfect entry no doubt.

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Stay cozy and keep smiling friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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