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The beauty of music is just how global it can be, connecting people together from all walks of life. While certain genres may have originated in particular places, or specific countries have a distinct sound, there is no denying that music is one of the most universal languages humanity has — especially when it comes time to party. Country pride is a huge staple of music, and the idea of letting go with an electronica track is an incredibly unifying force of nature. As such, it’s no surprise that Mr. Pig’s “Bam Bae” is an anthem not just for Mexican independence, but also an addictive dance tune.

Mr. Pig hails from Mexico, having started out as a full-time chef before transitioning to a full-time DJ in 2015. Since then, he has worked tirelessly within the Mexican dance scene, earning accolade after accolade for his work — including his spot as Mexico’s #1 DJ, 115 million streams on Spotify and being the first Mexican artist to perform at Tomorrowland. Now, with “Bam Bae” and his own label Holy Pig! Records, Mr. Pig expands his goals even further as he aims to take on the global electronica scene and put Mexico on the map as a hotspot for dance music. As Mr. Pig explains about his production process and aspirations for the track beyond his home country:

“I always start my production by deciding on the feeling behind a track, whether I want to make people happy or feel something deeper, I always think of how I want my listeners to feel first. I decided to release ‘Bam Bae’ on Independence Day of Mexico because I wanted to get in touch with the Latin community in America. I wanted to bring somewhat of a nostalgic tone to Mexican Americans on one of the most influential days in our culture.”

“Bam Bae” was released a week ago, to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day — and indeed, it is a track worth partying to. The song is intentionally a mix of old and new, a mash-up of the aspects that define classic Mexican music — trumpets, keys, percussive beats and Spanish melodies courtesy of vocalist Cozy — while also being very contemporary with its exuberant, electronica sound. It’s that sort of nuance and attention to detail which makes “Bam Bae” so infectious, and explains easily how Mr. Pig is currently the #76 DJ in the entire world. Whether one is Mexican, Mexican-American or just likes to party, “Bam Bae” is the perfect combination of nostalgia, modernity and global-mindedness to bring everyone together for a good time.

Mr. Pig has been releasing music continuously since his debut, with his 2020 single “Blue Dreams” topping dance charts all over the world. He had 15 sold-out shows in a row on his last Mexican tour, and plans on releasing his first EP later this year — of which “Bam Bae” is the first single. Be sure to take a listen to Mr. Pig’s catchy dance track below!

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