Dae Kim Delivers The Goods With “Music For Home Vol. 2: Redemption”

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Korean-born, Malaysia-based artist Dae Kim released his first project of 2021 today with “Music For Home, Vol. 2: Redemption,” a three-song instrumental EP released under DJ Wei‘s “mu-nest” label. This collection of songs, which runs about twelve minutes, takes a softer approach when compared to the music we’ve covered from “mu-nest” so far. It trades in its typical funky bass-lines and heavy focus on groove in favor of ambient soundscapes that feature methodical, focused builds and clean-as-a-whistle guitar fills.

The first of these songs, “Reductive Rain,” starts with phased piano chords before allowing a buttery, crystal-clear electric guitar to take the lead. This instrumental remains mellow and soothing throughout as the guitar and piano trade singable countermelodies back and forth over inspired production.

Next up is “Lingering Lash,” and it picks up the tempo ever so slightly from the intro track. If “Reductive Rain” is the downpour from the thunderstorm bouncing off the window, this song is the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds. It features the introduction of some steadily-growing synth tones, yet it manages to keep the consistently-serene energy of its predecessor.

The final song on the EP is called “A Song For The Wounded,” and while it doesn’t have as many melodic lines to latch onto as the first two tracks, it ties off the EP calmly, logically, and successfully.

Overall, this is a short, accessible, lo-fi instrumental EP that provides great relaxation or studying music. It features the kind of delicate, measured touch that makes it the ideal music to start or end your day with. While it won’t blow you away with mind-bending solos or heavy production, every move carries heaps of intention and calculated musicianship. It’s clear that Dae Kim set out to make something beautiful and light, and he succeeded on this understated, yet memorable project.


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