The Paris-based and Biarritz, France born group, La Femme, is here with a fourth single, “Le Jardin,” off their much anticipated third LP, Paradigmes.

Paradigme (paradigm in english) is by definition:

  1. A typical example or pattern of something; a model.
  2. A vision of the world, perspective, representation, mode of thinking
  3. A set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles

With a multi-faceted sound, definition is not so important with this band, but understanding and receptiveness certainly are. 

 “Le Jardin” a beautiful psychedelic pop ballad is the group’s first track sung entirely in Spanish due to a trip taken to Spain some years prior, shares the band. The video shot in the heart of Sevilla displays the groups attachment to the area and moments they shared. 

We’re guided towards the light by three beautiful romanesque sirens whom unveil a mosaique yet somber city lush with vegetation. We follow our lead siren as she accompanies us beautifully adorned in white with tears of glass.

The group describes the song as:

It is kind of an old-school slow dance which underlines how fate can be random and fragile. The moments we go through, sometimes very sudden, from shadows to light, and vice-versa. All of this, in a Romanesque scenery of the historic city of Sevilla, where the Holy Virgins are omnipresent on the walls, overlooking at mankind and its madness.

~ La Femme

The track concludes with a beautiful chorus:

“No Esperes nada de la vida/Pero cuando la luz entra por tu ventana no te pongas en la sombra/No temas la vida, o la locura porque todos estamos locos/Bajo los ojos de la macarena”

Translated to: 

“Don’t expect anything from life/But when the light comes through your window don’t put yourself in the shade/Do not fear life, or madness because we are all crazy/Under the eyes of the macarena”

La Femme – Le Jardin

Something that we should all keep in mind during these complicated times, a comprehension and acceptance of what is around us and what life decides to offer.

With such eclectique singles like “Paradigme,” “Cool Colorado,” “Foutre le Bordel,” and “Disconnexion” their forthcoming album is sure to be a standout in the current musical realm.

Paradigmes  is set for release on April 2nd via their own label, Disque Pointu. 

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