Last Thursday, hip-hop artist Kiani performed at Denver’s new venue, Mission Ballroom.

With Red Rocks-worth sound systems, and some of the newest lighting technology, Mission was the ideal setting for the bold hip-hop style of Kiani. 

Her stage presence was bold and captivating, and the crowd responded by reciprocating her high energy and powerful alto. At one point she chanted out, “I am just trying to make you want to text someone you probably shouldn’t,” and she did not disappoint. The Chicago-based artist commanded the room, and her song, “Honey,” is already added to my everyday playlist. Her style matched Cuco’s lyrics about heartbreak and intimacy which settled well with the audience.

The majority of Cuco’s fans in the space were younger couples (I measured the age  by the lack of knowledge of how to dance when Souja Boy came on in between sets).

Fortunately, Cuco came on soon after and played a beautifully melodic set. The environment was chilled down and intimate, nicely balanced with everyone singing along to every word. His graphics were magically and colorfully hypnotic, he was humble and present but didn’t try to turn his soft tones and slow beats into something it wasn’t. Further, his passion for his Latina heritage came through in his use of spanish to address the crowd and in his lyrics, as well as through his commentary on the current affairs of immigration between songs. Everyone was receptive and respectful and the set was sweet and very music-focused, which is refreshing. 

Overall the venue, the atmosphere and the music made for a comfortable and melodic experience for everyone. Cuco’s Para Mi tour continues through December, grab your tickets while you still can!

Jason Habib Author
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Jason Habib Author
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