Although smaller and newer to the festival scene than most, Breakaway music festival definitely showed out and didn’t lower the energy despite the minor setbacks that occurred over the weekend. On Friday, the first night of the festival, the weather reached temperatures as high as in the 80s and later reached as low as the 40s, all the while scattered showers soaked those in the crowd who decided to brave it. I do have to admit, concerts in the rain create another kind of atmosphere entirely.

Almost instantly upon my arrival the rain turned the notch up to full blast and I had to seek shelter, but that didn’t stop Shallou from performing a magical, feel-good energetic set that was only amplified by the rain. The crowd was filled with swaying bodies, smiling faces, and hands held high in the air welcoming the rain, lights, and music all at once.

The crowd’s energy was only matched, if not increased even more, for the killer deep house set in the rain provided by Fisher. As I viewed from the left side of the crowd under one of the visual providing screens, I watched the entire crowd bouncing and flinging their hands on the air in unison. On the screen above me colors of bright cotton candy pink and electric baby blue with giant black and white patterned letters spelling Fisher flashed in a strobe. The visuals provided combine with non-stop thumping of bass sent the crowd, as well as me, into some sort of trance like state where all we could do was dance. The was especially the case whenever Fisher played hit songs “Losing It” and “You Little Beauty”.

Slowly but surely fans started to trickle in more and more than before, all in preparation for the genre switch up for the next two shows, Lil Baby and Future. Even in the pouring rain, fans showed out with full energy for Lil Baby. He had a great stage presence, had the baddest babes as dancers on stage with him in similarly matching outfits, and even brought out Nashville native rapper Star Lito to perform hit song “Exotic”, produced Tay Keith. The whole festival was jumping!

Although the next set was slightly delayed, Future came onto the stage in the rain blazing, only turning up the notch on the already high energy levels of the crowd. As the everyone sang along to almost every song, Future only hyped them up even more. The lights flashed in a synchronized strobing fashion while the rain poured over every all of the jumping crowd. Needless to say, the show went on rain or shine and made it a night for the books.

Stay tuned for the full festival review with the full weekend’s photo album!


Coverage by Gabrielle Lasater

Photos by Ana Leonard

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