“Comfortable” is Lone Laveer’s Authentic and Dynamic Second Single

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Lone Laveer is the lovechild of singer/songwriter Ed Gibson and production duo Chill Murray. They debuted their project last summer with an indie-pop song about love, loss, and saving yourself from relationships built on false promises. You can read about and listen to that debut single, “Know You,” here. They are continuing those themes, though in a different lens, in their second single which was released last week.

Nearly a year into lockdown, many relationships have been tested and others have been straight up obliterated. And it is with that concept that Lone Laveer has developed their new single. “Comfortable” asks listeners to focus on the few wonderful things about relationships and cohabitation that remain untarnished, like dancing in the kitchen or watching true crime documentaries before completely sleepless nights. It reminds listeners that the grass is greener where it’s fed and that real love is worth the work.

Referencing their successful debut effort, “Know You,” frontman Ed says,

I wanted this single to be the other side of the same coin, musically and thematically, from the first. I think “Comfortable” is about accepting yourself, as well as a partner, for who they are, both their attractive qualities and their defects.

Songwriter Luke adds,

I try to veer away from those hyperbolic pop songs these days. When I hear artists singing about loving someone their whole life, it’s clearly just blatant dishonesty. I know that makes me sound like an old man yelling at a cloud, but I think the honesty of our music is what connects with people.

The euphoric arrangement mixes together plucky guitar strums, stadium-like drums, and subtle piano notes to create a dynamic and anthemic sound that just flows right through you, lifting your spirits and soothing your soul. Its appealing and loving tone supports the breezy vocals that are gentle and tender, matching the emotive message. The lyrics give listeners something to think about without being overbearing – why waste a love worth fighting for when you could be comfortable with each other and remember all the small moments that are sometimes taken for granted. “Comfortable” is a song that touches all sonic bases, and yet it’s clear that each sound has been carefully crafted.

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