This last Thursday, March 25th, Cole Law Group and Glasse Factory held an amazing night of music in their “Come Together” Livestream event to support one of the most active nonprofit organizations in town. With a line-up featuring performances from Betcha, Kat Saul, Abigail Rose, Nordista Freeze, Parrotfish, Sam Johnston, and more, the event carried its weight through lively performers and talented musicians. All proceeds from this event also directly support the Community Resource Center in Nashville. Tickets are now available through April 5th, allowing more time for additional funds after the storm that took a toll on the community. Follow the link here to purchase your ticket and party with a purpose.

The night, filled with unmatched passion, revitalized the feeling of live concerts that audiences have craved since the beginning of the pandemic. Although COVID-19’s impact on the industry had left some artists with no avenue to perform, a genuine connection flows through the screens as the musicians connect with the audience with their craft. With each band’s unique performance, whether it was a new song or a pre-released projects before concerts were shut down, fans were left with a reason to clap and sing along.

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Nordista Freeze opened the night with their trademark stage presence that filled the entire room. Although the singer himself even comments about singing before cameras instead of a live audience, the band set the tone for the night with a memorable performance and timeless signature sound. Among the set included both covers and originals with his unique vocals and dancing. “The man even lost his wallet and phone through the performance. If that’s not Rock and Roll, I don’t know what is.” Comment’s Sam Johnston later in the show. 

PC: Helana Michelle

Sam Johnston presented his work through thoughtful composition and effortless blending of multiple genres through his format. The strong instrumentals and unique sound in premiered songs such as “Congratulations” and “Spirits in Jesus” exemplify his craft’s expertise and practice. Johnston, performing solo for this event with a loop pedal and guitar, contributed a vulnerable and stripped-down set of work that stood firm as a follow-up to the previous artist, bringing a diverse and robust range of sound to the table for the night. During the stream, Johnston also mentions an album in the works during the break from live performances—fans, keep an eye out for more!

Although Kat Saul, Joe Daccache, Jonas Litton, Coco Kinnon, and Abigail Rose performed their songs in a pre-recorded Livestream, each leaves a strong impression on their space in the line-up. Each performance included but was not limited to Saul’s original “Cloud 9” and “Monsters”, Rose’s track “Phase, “and Joe Daccache’s latest releases, “Sam Montgomery.” Joe Daccache’s and Jonas Litton’s acoustic performances displayed their diverse vocals in their purest form. Although the individual’s unique sound carried their concerts, each showcased their gentle tones, powerful vocals, and the melodic harmonies of each, despite their differing genres, leaving a solid impression of the work to come.

PC: Helana Michelle

Parrotfish, consisting of Conor Lynch as the vocalis, Joe Cadrecha on guitar, Trace Chiappe on drums, and Matthew “Mattigan” Rodriguez on Bass, and Casey Fitzmaurice on Trombone. Through COVID-19, Parrotfish has been far from inactive with their release of their EP’s “Another Day in Paradise” and “Old Man”. With shared influences of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grateful Dead, and Radiohead, their alternative rock sound holds a unique take with even reggae to hip hop blues vibes.

PC: Helana Michelle

Nashville-based alternative rock band Betcha, Ben Booth (lead guitar), Taylor Dubray (bass, keys), Chase Wofford (drums), and Charlie Greene (vocals, guitar), performed their latest EP, titled “Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before.” (Read more about the release here). The band carried their shared theme of catchy instrumentals swoon-worthy vocals that capture attention and leave audiences on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the next song. The four-piece band continues to redefine twenty-first-century alternative rock music with a pairing of pop and electronic elements.

About Community Resource Center – Nashville

Founded in 1985, the Community Resource Center (known locally at the CRC) began as a simple wish-list published in The Tennessean asking the community to donate basic household items for people in need. Since then, the CRC has become Nashville’s lead agency in times of crisis, and the nonprofit community’s go-to resource for ongoing essential product needs.

More than 300 nonprofit agencies across 9 counties in Middle Tennessee rely on the CRC to provide thousands of hygiene and cleaning kits throughout the year. The CRC manages this from its own 5,000-square-foot warehouse and office space in Nashville at which product is received, stored, packaged, and distributed. In 2020, the CRC provided approximately $10 million in product to both our nonprofit partners and directly to clients, reaching over 1 Million people in our coverage area.

The CRC is the official materials manager for the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management in Davidson County. From the 2010 Nashville flood to the 2020 tornados in Nashville through ongoing COVID-19 relief, the CRC has immediately received, store, inventory, and redistributed donations for effective and efficient disaster relief and recovery. In a crisis, the CRC is able to expand its reach and secure additional warehouse space to manage the rapid influx of incoming donations. As a volunteer-driven agency, our ability to rally, organize, and deploy volunteers allows us to scale up immediately to meet a community’s needs in crisis.

Visit their website:

Follow them on socials: @crcnashville

About Cole Law

Brentwood Attorneys in Pursuit of Excellence

The mission of Cole Law Group is to provide superior legal representation, to offer our clients a network of innovative legal solutions, to serve our clients with the highest level of technological sophistication, to achieve results that exceed client goals, and to adhere to enduring standards of integrity, professionalism, and respect for our clients and the Middle Tennessee communities we serve.

Our principles and values are established. Our passion is to redefine the current view of what a law firm does and how it operates. Our purpose is to provide legal representation well beyond our clients’ expectations. Our success is measured by their success.

Call us today at (615) 490-6020 or send a message via our Contact Page to schedule a consultation with one of our Cole Law Group attorneys.

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Even though the show may be over, you haven’t missed out! To support the Community Resource Center in Nashville during a time of need, purchase tickets to the Livestream, now available to April 5th. All proceeds to this event will go to supporting the #Nashvillestrong Community.

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