“Rooftops & Coffeeshops” is a Gently Nostalgic Melodic Song by Drew Patrick

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23-year old Drew Patrick is a singer/songwriter currently living in Los Angeles. He loves music because it’s the one thing in his life that makes him feel completely in control, so he is excited and grateful for the opportunity to share that love with his listeners. He has been releasing a string of singles in anticipation of his debut album, Serotonin, which is out on June 18, 2021.

“Rooftops & Coffeeshops” is his latest single off of this upcoming album. It carries an ultra-relatable and nostalgic narrative, creating an anthemic tune that defies age demographics. Focusing on the theme of “the one who got away,” Drew uses poetic lyricism and gentle melodies to appeal to audiences of all ages.

The production is more stripped back than the more upbeat tracks in his discography but due to its relatability, it has remained a favorite amongst his friends, family, and team. Composed with live acoustic guitars, the song takes on more of a singer/songwriter feel, and given the subject of the song, that just makes the most sense. Drew sings in a gentle tone, allowing his voice to shine through the instrumental as he reflects on how thankful he is to have experienced the relationship, though it may have ended. He reminisces further about fateful memories in the chorus, which is filled with three part vocal harmonies.

Emotions continue to sweep in as the song continues beyond the first chorus as the instrumental builds with more percussive elements. The lyrics reveal that Drew feels stuck in the aftermath of the breakup – trying to move on, but unable to. A luminous guitar solo builds above a tumultuous backdrop right before the final vocal run.

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