Colour Tongues Offer A Point for Reflection in their single “Fire”

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Here’s a song that starts with my favorite kind of guitar intro, emotionally charged with groovy melodies and energetically driven, catapulting right into an awesome jam as the drums and an electric guitar solo take over. “Fire” by Colour Tongues boasts vocals that are solid and enticing, and inspired by the poetry and imagery in Death Cab for Cutie’s lyrics, particularly in Transatlanticism and Plans, which ultimately inspired the formation of the band.

“Fire” explores what happens when you let anger fester for too long. It can become insatiable and burn us out completely. Instead of holding onto the rage, “Fire” reminds us that it’s best to forgive, forget and let go.

Through a long journey to today, the band is currently comprised of singer and guitarist James Challis, bass player Dan Lavergne, drummer David Taylor, and guitarist Graeme Meekison, all from different backgrounds and regions to create quite a coming together band story. They’ve had quite an interesting go at this whole being a band thing that has called for quite a bit of soul-searching and self-reflection, bonding the band closer than ever before.

They were able to record their debut LP during covid lockdown, performing many unplugged Facebook live gigs via livestream at Vancouver’s Blue Light Studios. “Wasted” is the hit single for their forthcoming debut LP Midnight Island.

Combining elements of math and progressive rock with dreamy indie pop, I can’t get enough of this band. Colour Tongues is definitely a new band for my catalog. Catch “Fire” on our Glasse Rocks playlist; I’m sure you’ll be seeing their name in there more often from here on out!

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