COLORSXSTUDIOS Debuts May The Muse’s Haunting and Evoking Single “Awake”

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One of the music industry’s favorite taste-makers, Berlin platform COLORSXSTUDIOS, released a hauntingly captivating performance by May The Muse’s previously unreleased track “Awake,” showcasing the evident and undeniable potential of this artist. A sparse percussive beat and piano melodies evoke strong emotion as May The Muse sings her beautiful r&b vocals in “Awake.” This performance followed the release of this Berlin based artist’s debut single “Islands and Waves” from November 2020, which has a bewitching accompanying visual directed by Felix Hawelka.

Diving into the neo-soul, alternative/indie r&B music scene, May, whose real name is Désirée Dorothy Mishoe, has already amassed almost 100,000 monthly listeners of Spotify. Being the child of a Danish mother and Afro-American ex-soldier father, May claims, “You could say I belong almost everywhere, and nowhere.” It seems she has found her home within her own gorgeous voice and stark storytelling.

Her lyrics in the chorus stop you in your tracks, forcing you to listen to her cry out, “I can’t sleep, I can’t eat because of you. I’m wide awake and I don’t seem to let go. I need your live. I’m not strong enough alone… Come home…

With one EP out already, Gold (2018), she is working towards sharing another EP soon. Assuming both “Islands and Waves” and “Awake” will be making appearances on this EP, it’s safe to say this project is one to very much look forward to.

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