Rock Your Sunday Best with Poppy’s Fiery New Single “Church Outfit”

Grammy-nominated artist Poppy has showcased her latest transformation, which she describes as her most painful and powerful yet. This has undoubtedly influenced her decision to re-sign with Sumerian Records.

Poppy’s latest single “Church Outfit” breaks away from her rock-based 2021 album Flux. In a recent interview with GRAZIA, she shared that she entered this new era with a focus on specific aesthetic elements, which drove her creative process. The outcome is a bold and impactful track with a raw, alternative edge, pulsing with a groovy beat that entices the listener to move.

The single incorporates a more electronic, industrial dance vibe, proving that she is a musical chameleon. Poppy’s singing voice is distorted with a crushing effect. The synths and percussion interlock with an electro-industrial sound that previously made her 2020 album stand out. Her vocals are hauntingly beautiful and perfectly complement the production’s flawless quality.

Poppy’s evolving musical nature is on full display as she pushes boundaries and experiments with new sounds. Her previous releases have shown her willingness to take risks, with the accessible rock-focused Flux in 2021, followed by the unexpected foray into metal on I Disagree in 2020. In an era where genre lines are becoming increasingly blurred, Poppy creates a fresh and distinctive sound that showcases her versatility and creativity.

Sumerian Records welcomed her back after a brief stint at Lava Records last year, and are excited about this new direction. Poppy’s ability to shift genres and explore different styles has been a hallmark of her career. She made history as the first solo female artist to be nominated for the Best Metal Performance Grammy for her 2019 single “Bloodmoney,” further cementing her reputation as a bold and innovative musician.

It’s an artist’s responsibility to always change. I’m only competing with myself. I will continue to write the story until I get tired of the book. Then, I’ll write another one.

~ Poppy

What sets this single apart is the incorporation of her dance background. It adds a unique dimension to the music video that showcases her artistic growth and courage to explore new directions.

Check out her new music video to be captivated by her latest creation.

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