BUZZ Laments on Love Tied To This Dimension in “Statues”

Today, Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist, BUZZ, has shared a haunting and vivid depiction of a realm struggling to break from the ties of reality. The track, “Statues,” is out now, along with a video straight from another world.

“Statues” follows the release of previous single of a similar nature, “Universe,” from March. The songstress and producer focuses the topics of the track on the lamentations of a love bound to this dimension. BUZZ continues to ramp up the pace in otherworldly juxtaposition of one who feels a bit too tied to this reality. Instrumentally, the single makes dulcimer, pizzicato strings, clavichord, rain sticks, and kalimba feel like they have always belonged in an electronic setting as the track blurs ancient and futuristic periods while carrying a torch for ascension.

Watch the full music video here:

BUZZ “Statues” (official music video)

BUZZ contributes some commentary regarding the release, the creation of the music video, and the process behind the track as a whole:

My mind loves to live in a fantasy world consisting of an ancient, highly evolved civilization that communicates with other beings from different worlds, openly trading and traveling between multiple galaxies, but still looks like the ancient world with ornate open air palaces and lavish royal baths…can you tell I watched ‘Three Thousand Years Of Longing?’

I kept imagining what I would do for someone I adored to preserve their memory across the earth – painting pictures, sculpting busts, weaving tapestries, and the ultimate heartbreak of knowing no physical thing I make on this earth will last forever which is shown in the line ‘I wish we could be statues, oh but they’ll go too.’

Sonically, I wanted the song to feel as if it lived in a cave, so the highs are rolled off on a lot of the percussion and there’s everything from rain sticks to wind chimes to kalimba and xylophone giving a more melodic structure to the percussion sections.


This release is the latest taste of BUZZ’s forthcoming and self-produced debut EP On Matters Of Searching, and we are so looking forward to hearing what this artist has in store for us next.

Stream the new single, now available on all major listening platforms!

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