Chloe Moriondo Releases ‘Split’ Single

Indie-pop darling, Chloe Moriondo has released “Split Decision,” a double single on the same day as the two-year anniversary of her well-received album Blood Bunny. Moriondo’s double single consists of genre-swapped versions of her previous hits, “I Want To Be With You” from Blood Bunny and “Celebrity” from her 2022 album SUCKERPUNCH.

“Celebrity (Blood Bunny Version)” is transformed from a glitchy, synth-driven track into an angsty pop-rock anthem that flows from the same vein as 2000s artists like Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. The song talks about Moriondo’s desire to take over the world through a heightened level of fame and the obsessive side of celebrity culture.

On the other hand, the guitar-driven “I Want To Be With You (SUCKERPUNCH Version)” is switched into a chirpy hyperpop-EDM fusion. However, Moriondo’s message of longing and yearning remains consistent through both versions.

Moriondo shares her thoughts on how the project came to be:

 “I love both of these songs dearly and created each at such different points in my life—they mean a lot to me and I hope you love this cute little crossover that I had such a fun nostalgic time making ♡” 

Chloe Moriondo on “Split Decision”

In addition to releasing her double single, Moriondo has been riding high with rave reviews of her recent album release SUCKERPUNCH. SUCKERPUNCH was co-written and produced by Oscar Scheller, David Pramik, and Teddy Geiger who have all worked with the likes of Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek, and Machine Gun Kelly. The album is promised to be an artistic leap from her previous release since her style transformed from angsty indie-pop into a hyperpop that has been described as “sweet as sugar” by FLOOD Magazine. NYLON, The New York Times, and Billboard Magazine all sang praises for the album’s infectious pop production.

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Stream “Split Decision” below:

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