Chaos Canine Shares an “Abso”lutely Inspiring Rendition of “Someone Else’s Dream”

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Absofacto‘s “Someone Else’s Dream” has been covered several times before, by both Trinix and slenderbodies, but this new rendition strays away from the already heard upbeat versions by slowing it down for a dream-like listening experience. Absofacto teamed up with Chaos Canine to create a vulnerable acoustic remake to “Someone Else’s Dream,” painted in sounds of magenta and cerulean.

Although this is Chaos Canine’s first Spotify release, his Instagram is filled with vibrating sunset melodies. Steven Shapiro covers well known songs from Owl City and Borns, as well as video game soundtracks. He brings this same energy into his cover of “Someone Else’s Dream,” matched perfectly with a music video that captures the essence of the lyrics, “Even if I don’t know quite exactly where I want to be, I’m not gonna stay here stuck in someone else’s dream. Maybe I’ll find mine’s a nightmare, but I don’t even care; I just wanna live inside my own dream”. The music video really serves as a moment to himself, where Chaos Canine is inside a seemingly dark empty room, but he’s able to find his own vibe within that space and create his own little dream world, if only for a moment.

Experiencing moments of self doubt is part of the human condition. Sometimes we even find ourselves letting others dictate what decisions we should make. “Someone Else’s Dream” is the sign to step out and design the future we crave, even if it isn’t clear what that path is.The velvet vocals from Jonathan Velgis provide a storyline of the personal thought process that happens once that mindset is embraced. This acoustic version is the new anthem for those needing the encouragement to break away from the opinions of others and seek out the life they want to lead.

The next time the path forward seems a little hazy, take comfort in this inspirational tune. I know I will.

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