Andrey Azizov is a multi-talented New York City dweller who has highlighted the inner workings of his mind in the midst of quarantine in his debut EP, Before It’s All Over. He is an indie producer who enjoys experimenting with complex and eclectic sounds, as evident in his EP which dives into the dichotomy between a bright, calm safety and dark, uncontrolled destruction. He is also an accomplished designer, having worked on two national COVID-19 campaigns and working closely with NBC on a number of initiatives. His design vision carries over seamlessly into his music production, creating songs from specific moments in experiences or dreams.

As a first-generation American, Andrey finds his dedication and determination greatly influenced by his strong family unit and upbringing. As a kid, Andrey was introduced to an eclectic mix of music – from the Beatles to Billy Joel to his dad’s Russian club tapes. In 2007, Andrey got his first taste of ‘playing’ music when he received ‘Rock Band’ as a Christmas gift which ironically sparked the beginning of his music career. “It was the first moment I realized that music was something to be created rather than just consumed,” he shares. After his introduction to the video game, he went on to learn guitar and began producing using Apple’s GarageBand.

As Andrey’s interest in sound design grew, he started to work hard to save up enough money to buy Logic and a small midi keyboard (which he still uses today) and Andrey began producing hundreds of complex beats. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to grab the attention of rappers who may be interested in his tracks, Andrey decided to turn his unused demos into bootleg remixes, which received incredible organic streaming success. To date, Andrey has garnered over 41 million streams across platforms, been featured on coveted playlists including Spotify’s US Viral 50 Chart and has collaborated with notable artists including Panama and most recently Republic Records signee, Londin Thompson

With the release of his debut EP, Andrey is paving his own way to continue to shine as an artist. There are no sonic breaks between songs in the EP, so each track blends seamlessly into the next, but they can also stand alone. The narrative across the project uses a car drive as a metaphor for getting stuck in different stages of life, a cautionary tale that can be applied to the world at large as well as on a personal level.

“A Better Time” is deeply nostalgic – a reflection of a past relationship that is being held onto, because it seems to have been a better time. It features a poignant instrumental production, complete with guitar strums, hand claps, flourishing synths, and a gliding bassline. There are a moments throughout the song where there are no vocals, giving Andrey’s production an opportunity to be showcased front-and-center. Throughout the rest of the song, the instrumental continues to carry the weight of the lyrics, with beautifully sung vocals by Tailor. The song follows an individual’s recollection of a past relationship as they wonder where the relationship went wrong and how the other person is doing. This song is a reflection of a very normal stage after a relationship, but it also acknowledges that things just aren’t the same anymore. And holding onto something just because it used to be good stops us from growing as ourselves.

You can listen to “A Better Time” and the rest of the songs on the EP today!

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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