Change Takes Flight In Knights Of Caesar’s ‘Moving To Berlin’

There are points in our journey that we’ve found ourselves fantasizing about redoing our life. Better yet, we also have moments where we just wish we could start over fresh some place else. Whatever the causes that led us to this way of thinking are certain or not. One thing’s for sure is that we acknowledge that there’s something inherently wrong. Like broken down car, we need a mechanic; the catch though is they live in the far side of town.

This same energy of craving to start anew elsewhere is present in Southern Germany alternative pop group Knights Of Caesar with their latest offering ‘Moving To Berlin’. Released last May 10th in all major streaming platforms worldwide. ‘Moving To Berlin’ is a track that invites us listeners to visit Berlin and perhaps stay there for good. A mesmerizing city rich in history, culture and brimming with colorful art. Knights Of Caesar extends us a warm welcome to rebuild ourselves in Berlin. To take the plunge and leave our old lives behind because a grand adventure awaits. A new hope could be out there.

Image Courtesy Of Knights Of Caesar

More than just a catalyst of change for the weary. ‘Moving To Berlin’ also stands for bravery and embracing the radical. Sure, we might have a different place in mind but the idea still stands. It takes immense courage to uproot yourself and going to an uncharted territory to basically start from scratch. It’s like folding away previous journal entries and instead writing a new one.

Through Knights Of Caesar’s rich vocals, matched with their vibrantly smooth instrumentals from start to end. We can feel that raw emotion of yearning for a better tomorrow which can only be achieved by moving away. It’s a harsh reality that we all face. That once in awhile there will be voices in our heads screaming that we should “restart!”, “redo” or “do over”. While that may be the case, our fate ultimately falls squarely on our lap. It’s up to us, whether we want to answer the call or not.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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