CATTY’s “Maybe All The Rumours Are True” is a Pop-Rock Banger

Independent singer, songwriter, and artist, CATTY, began her solo project journey last year, and has already launched three singles and achieved support from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. While surpassing over seven hundred thousand streams thus far, she has been achieving a steady fanbase of loyal monthly listeners. Her band, Dusky Grey, a pop duo formed in 2016, has garnered over forty million streams thus far, as well. And CATTY channeled her prior success into her solo work, honing in on the trepidations of life and love as a queer woman.

Her latest single, “Maybe All The Rumours Are True,” is her fourth release thus far. Paying homage to her musical roots, she, too, blends in rock music influences she grew up listening to.

I wanted to write a song about the feelings I had about being queer when I was younger. I’m so confident in who I am now but I definitely haven’t always been. I watered so much of myself down to fit in and I speak to so many of my queer friends about it now and realize it’s such a common experience. I wanted to write about that feeling but I also thought it was important to say the words “I don’t feel ashamed” over and over, because there are people who still try to make you feel it and I refuse to.


Listen to the single now, available on all major streaming platforms:

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