With Mother’s Day just around the corner, pop artist Catie Turner dropped “Mama”. The song’s moving music video, directed by Alfredo Flores (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber), would especially resonate with listeners geographically separated from their mom.

Together, they narratively shared Turner’s particular relationship with her mom, speaking to universally felt truths in mother/child relationships.

No matter how old listeners have gotten, they’ll always be their mama’s baby. Even if they were to see themselves as a full-fledged adult, mom would likely be their first call if in serious trouble.

“Mama I’ll be okay I’m still your little girl, At the end of the day, Your arms are still the ones I run to when I’m, Scared…”

-Catie turner

As an individual who’s embarked on adulting, mom will also have remained the most trusted source on practical advice for independent living. For Turner, that involved laundry how-to’s and baking directions. Her learning process led to cutely relatable mistakes caught on camera.

“…And mama don’t sigh when I have to call you to ask how clothing dries, Because you’re still the smartest woman I know…”

-catie turner

Though listeners may have felt annoyed by their mom taking hundreds of photos or recording hours of footage during their extracurricular activities, they can now look back in appreciation.

With maturity, has come context for how a mother’s loving support will have never died. Those tangible reminders of a mother/child bond serve to keep the connection strong, whether the listener’s mom has passed or simply lives too far away for a hug.

Separated by the thousands of miles that exist between Turner’s Mom in Langhorne, PA and the artist’s new home in Los Angeles, their virtual Mother’s Day reunion concluding the video will heartfeltly hit the viewer.

To witness those comforting moments and the emotional gift exchange therein, check out the music video for “Mama” by Catie Turner.

“Mama” by Catie Turner via Atlantic Records

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  • Linda Swiss
    1 year ago Reply

    Love this song and love Catie Turner and her Mama !

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