The first official single off of Casey Frazier’s latest project, The Pedestrian, is out today, July 2nd of 2021. This avid outdoorsman, a modern renaissance man, and father of three children is an Americana/Singer-Songwriter set to continue the previous successes of his other albums American Exotic, Cigarillo, and Regal.

Beginning Again paints a story of redemption and self-forgiveness. As Fraizers’ charming vocals place focus on a winding road of life, he emphasizes the relationships built along the way and how each comes and goes in their own ways and times with their own intention and unique impact on one’s life. With his unique and classic sound, partnered alongside the acoustic and baritone guitars, each listener is taken on a relatable venture towards learning one’s place in the world; it is a true coming-of-age story and grabs each listener in as they relate to the process of piecing together who they are.

Casey Fraizer states on his own journey, “I am such a different person now that I’m a father and all I have been through the last 5 years. This song is a great representation of that journey, and how it continues.”

Beginning Again, although it holds a clear message behind it, also provides a sneak-peak into the themes of the album. The Pedestrian takes on a raw perspective of life, both its hardships and struggles and emerging from the darkness with new experiences and the personal growth that follows. Frazier covers coming out on the other side with new scars, calluses, but has reignited friendships and relationships through taking responsibility for oneself. The inspiring, vulnerable project, deeply rooted in country, rock, swings, and dances, is set to release on August 27th of this year, with more tracks also soon to follow Beginning Again.

Be on the lookout for more from Casey Frazier, and stream Beginning Again, available now on all platforms.

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