Nashville-based artist, Caroline Kole, released her latest single, “I LIKE CARS,” a deliciously written pop track with a contagious rhythm. Much like the typical modern pop anthem, it shows a confidence in putting in the hard work to achieve desires and dreams, but it refuses to take itself too seriously.

With over twenty-five million global streams, the rising star is ready to make the big time in the mainstream pop industry, including with co-signs with The Chainsmokers, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

Caroline started her music career when she was only eight years old, playing in her hometown’s beach bars. She spent her teen years in Nashville and touring with Reba McEntire as she sharpened her performance skills. Her country upbringing shifted after she took a year-long hiatus from touring, influenced by her favorite pop stars. Since then, her three independent pop projects have earned tens of millions of streams, placement on coveted playlists, SiriusXM, and major market radio. Now twenty-three, Kole is set to release her most ambitious project yet, which she’ll soon be announcing.


Caroline Kole’s charisma glows in her latest single, “I LIKE CARS.” Without taking itself too seriously, the song is her personal take on American-individualism; your dreams are achievable if you put in the work for it. Most people work the day desk jobs, and Kole says that though you make the money to gain the possessions you desire, but there is no point in it if you’re not happy as you grind away for forty hours a week.

While remaining lighthearted and upbeat, “I LIKE CARS,” inspires its listeners to dream bigger and to aim for their passions, even if it doesn’t make as much money.

Kole said of the new track, “My co-writers and I felt something really special in the room when we finished the song, but that’s not uncommon- we’re proud of the work we do together! I was staying with a friend in LA at the time, and it wasn’t until I played him the work-tape and saw his reaction that I realized we might have written something everyone could feel special about; but also, something that might make you want to dance! It’s been a while since I released a pretty upbeat song, and at a time when the world feels heavy, I thought it was necessary to get people up and moving and happy and hopeful with music!”

Watch the new music video below:

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The song was written by Kole, Mothica, Nydge and Amy Peters, produced & mixed by Sam Martinez, with production help from Nydge, and mastered by Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab.

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