Multi-platinum global superstar Vance Joy filmed gorgeous live stripped sessions in Spain for his three favorite tracks off his new album In Our Sweet Time. What could possibly be better than the gorgeous city of Barcelona rooftop, the sun shining, delicious cuisine and the sweet peaceful voice of Vance Joy. The stripped back performances feature Vance Joy’s “Clarity,” “Every Side of You,” “Way That I’m Going.” Emotionally forwarded songs with beautiful acoustics, making each one feel personable. It makes you feel like you’re hanging out with Vance Joy on the very same rooftop. Europe is known for being the continent of love with incredible cultures, languages, the arts and its marvelous architecture. This is the perfect setting to sing romantic, soft, raw and passionate music. Giving a proper insight on how natural being an artist could be when you’re surrounded by such wonderful inspirations. Life is great when you have food, friends, a beautiful scenery and music. These are the few things that keep us all connected. Vance Joy makes you feel connected to him. A comfortable setting with an organic flow. Almost like flipping through an old scrapbook and seeing events or memories that may have been forgotten. The live session is just that, capturing a moment that was fueled by music, laughter and the joy of sharing it with others.

“The ‘In Our Own Sweet Time Sessions’ is out now. I wanted this video to capture a relaxed day in Barcelona with friends where we ate good food, played a bit of music and enjoyed each other’s company.”

Vance Joy


“Clarity” is backed with the captivating sound of a trumpet, it does not overpower the song but helps carry the lyrics as you sway back and forth. “Way That I’m Going” feels like the perfect song to be featured in this session as it portrays inspiration, hope, love and finding the beauty in someone. Sounds like the best song to be sung in the atmosphere of Barcelona, Spain. He sings about how the moon shines and it shines everywhere. No matter where you watch this video, the moon can shine. Making you instantly feel like you are in the moment with Vance Joy as if you’re sitting with him. Music is universal and Vance Joy does an excellent job at tying in all the wonderful things that music can offer to a person listening. Songs with metaphors, relatable lyrics, similes, passion, stories worth telling. “Every Side of You” was written and inspired by being his travels to Spain in 2020. Another way of just keeping the connection to the past, to memories that shape us into who we are as we continue along the way creating new ones.

Vance Joy- In Our Own Sweet Times Sessions – YouTube

Definitely a video/performance worth watching. Just sit back and fully immerse yourself in the mellowness vibe presented in the live performances.

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
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