BUNS Delivers Atmospheric Trap and Nostalgic Synths in “MNDRUNNER”

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Born and raised in the Bay Area, BUNS (Christine Gan) is a producer, DJ, and songwriter with a passion for storytelling through music. As a former piano student of her own mother, BUNS taps into her classical music background and deep emotional connection to music to craft unique soundscapes playing with influences of live drums, digital synths, harmonic vocals, and atmospheric textures. She started her career curating beloved mixes and expanded into the world of DJing, ambitiously fusing club music with experimental trap, indie electronica, and alternative R&B. In recent years, BUNS has taken her tastemaking to the stage, playing for sold-out acts such as Medasin, Gryffin, TOKiMONSTA, Sam Gellaitry, Sosupersam while also landing a spot on the Brownies & Lemonade Block Party with What So Not. Her diverse taste has helped guide her in blending and producing various genres and styles across the stages. With her additional expertise as a designer and multimedia artist, BUNS is set out to create rich and memorable audiovisual experiences through her journey in artistry.

In her latest single, “MNDRUNNER”, BUNS taps into the deep nostalgia of hearing a festival anthem play. Drawing on personal experiences, she felt inspired by cyberpunk to make a song that captured loneliness and intensity at the same time. Combining deep atmosphere with nostalgic synths and grounding it all with the pattern and intensity of trap drums, BUNS sends chills down the spine with her song.

BUNS establishes a cinematic soundscape early on – deep basslines, resonate vocals, and ornate synths build upon each other to hook listeners. And once listeners are hooked, there’s no letting go. The production becomes increasingly layered while the vocals switch pitches during the build-up and then comes the drop. It’s an ever-so-satisfying drop; it’s a drop that can transport listeners back to festival season. It evokes feelings of being in a crowd when the rush of a drop is felt. Even with the stunningly edited ethereal vocals, the trap lines really take over from here. The beat becomes hypnotizing and commanding right before dropping into a more subtle synth-guided production and then back into a heavier bass atmosphere.

“MNDRUNNER” certainly leaves an impression on listeners. Its crisp production is both unique and reminiscent, giving listeners something to hold onto while we eagerly await the marked return of festivals.

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Elena Lin Administrator
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