Briston Maroney Announces New Tour And Single “Paradise”

Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Briston Maroney, consistently earned never-ending acclaim from over 300 million listeners since he was “Freaking Out On The Interstate,” but the newest release of his single, “Paradise” has only proved that he deserves a permanent spot on our playlists. With his incredible leap in stardom from 2018, Maroney comfortably sat in security, only to be provoked by his unmatched creativity. His 2021 debut album “Sunflower” proved one thing and one thing only–he is not and will never be a one-hit-wonder. With over 40 million streams in his back pocket, Maroney received praise from significant sources like Billboard and notable camaraderie from alt-punk trailblazer and recent tour collaborator, Jack White.

Cover Art/Paradise

Since then he has gone on to share the stage with Rainbow Kitten Surprise and idols of the past and present at this years Bonnaroo– delivering an immensely powerful insinuation of what’s been ripening behind the scenes. Produced by the talented hands of Andrew Sarlo and Julian Cruz, “Paradise” sewed together the nostalgic sounds of Y2k pop-punk with his softened effervescent vocals, producing another lyrically driven track that showcases Maroney’s brilliant mind and velvet trimmed guitar.

His carefully concocted sound has been an anthem for the melancholic since 2018, but following his progression as an artist is a sound that’s rather sinuous in its projection. “Paradise” is a song for the sunshine with the lyrics for a rainy day. With an astoundingly wise list of lessons for the perplexing pathway’s of the mid-20’s, Maroney turns a summer hit into an articulate reflection–nothing is as easy as it seems and if it is you’re doing it wrong. In between the lines covered in conventional expectations lies the paradise we all wish would exist–“How easy would it be to put the nine-to-five behind/ A sandcastle royalty and seven seas of heaven shinin’?” adds a layer to the track that emanates the brightness of his ascending riffs that gently caress the chaos of his uncertainty.

In collaboration with local charities and the talents of Indigo DeSouza, The Greeting Committee, Sunflower Bean, and Canvasback labelmates MICHELLE. , Maroney will be bringing paradise to the people in a two-night self-curated festival at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville (11/3 & 11/4), where he will be headlining. Grab your tickets before it’s too late!

Stream “Paradise” here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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