The smooth soundscape of the summer in Hemingwaves’ “meet-cute (online)”

In only the second release in over a year by this bedroom-pop artist, Hemingwaves further draws upon his own bright summer memories to craft a sophmore release steeped in smooth, psychedelic pop and proves he’s got a whole lot more music left in him. “meet cute (online)” is a groovy, and sweet ode to modern love with a bright synth dancing around his low, soft words throughout the track. While Hemingwaves wistfully dreams about hanging out with someone forever, the dense bedroom pop soundscape builds and encapsulates a feeling of pure infatuation. Later on, the electronic world is opened up by an electric guitar, strumming an easy-going riff amidst the hyper-real soundscape.

As Hemingwaves describes the feelings emulated by this new track, it’s “very summer-friendly, dance-friendly & vibing-with-your-homies-friendly.” The meaning behind the track takes those feelings even further. “It’s about being wishy-washy on dating apps and what modern dating is like (as in weird),” he said. Produced and mastered by Calvin Lauber (bassist for indie singer-songwriter Julien Baker among others), “meet-cute (online)” tackles an addictive type of modern love and wraps it in a comforting ambiance for an addictive summer sound.

Prior to this new bedroom pop track, Hemingwaves released an upbeat single called “never stoked” in 2021. That similarly catchy and vivid track set the precedent for what’s to come from this artist: something of an easy-listening pop sound for those perfect moments in life: windows down, the wind slipping through your fingers, trying to get as close as you can to the beautifully clear sky.

Keep up with Hemingwaves on his Instagram for more and listen to his sophomore release “meet-cute (online)” below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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