Brianna Ibarra Reminds Us That “Nothings Easy”

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Singer-songwriter Brianna Ibarra’s nostalgic-feeling performance in her single “Nothing’s Easy” showcases strong vocals that take you back to late 90’s chamber pop, like Alanis Morissette type melodies. The song has a classic instrumentation with almost a jazzy feel: sprinkles of keyboard melodies, toms and ride cymbal prominent in the drums. The single was produced on ProTools over Zoom meetings between Brianna Ibarra and her best friend producer Mark Pico, who actually played all instruments besides vocals, drums and clarinet. The track features the muse behind it all, Brianna’s husband, on clarinet.

A backstory of the song: “The song initially started as a processing after I nearly broke up with my now husband when we were still dating. The feeling of being trapped in a room with them and not being able to get out until the issue is resolved. Though at a certain point, we decided to work it out and we’re still here and we’re hitched! That ending didn’t really match with the turmoil of the song, in my mind, so Mark and I spent hours in his studio using the story as a jumping off point to create a new character, who we called Jamie. She was complacent in the relationship and the partner wanted to commit, which would require her to step up and put in more effort. This is the story of “Nothing’s Easy,” the narrator is actually commitment-phobic and decides that their partner is better off with someone who will actually put in the work to be with them,” shares Ibarra.

This LA-based indie, r&b and jazz singer, pianist and songwriter is no stranger to pain and channels her experiences into art. For example, her 2018 EP, Red Skies, shares insight to the grief she struggled with after her uncle and close friend took their own lives. Having triumphed her own personal battles, Ibarra shares the spotlight with other artists and their struggles through a powerful video series she leads called “Artists On the Invisible.” They all touch on their invisible struggles such as chronic illness, racism and mental health obstacles. A beautiful community and network of creatives has blossomed from this project, and some of them are even collaborating with her on her forthcoming EP that she’s been recording through Zoom sessions!

Nothing’s Easy” is the first single from this project, and is available on all streaming platforms or for purchase!

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  1. This song is so good and it really awesome to learn more about the meaning behind it any the journey of its production!

  2. always love the wisdom, honesty, beauty, and musicality brianna brings into her music. love this one.

  3. Sara Elizabeth Jelley

    This song is so good and what an incredible mission! Brianna is such an amazing artist!

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