Blimp’s ‘Yours’ Is A Slice Of Heaven On The Dance Floor

For someone to call us “mine” and in that same breath reply with “yours” is the stuff of romantic movies. Regardless if you see it as cheesy or not, we can’t deny that it feels good to the senses. For those who’ve experienced it, they can attest that it’s comparable to being in cloud nine. Well given if it’s the right person and circumstances of course, otherwise run for the hills. Creepiness aside, this exchange is a gesture of love and desire between lovers. It’s something we all crave for in life the longer we journey in this planet in our lonesome.

This same intense longing for a romantic connection can be felt with independent artist Shane Smyth AKA Blimp’s new single entitled “Yours”. Released last December 8th, this is an eargasmic song that transports us dab smack in the middle of the dance floor with a beautiful stranger. The stage is set for a steamy encounter so it seems. The tension running high, and the music starts building. With that, their confidence rises like a tide to lure you straight into their arms for the night or for good. It’s an intoxicating emotion creeping up into your system slowly like a vine. As the lyrics would repeatedly say all throughout, “I just wanna be yours. Be mine. Be mine.”.

Whether your response to this is a resounding yes or a no (it’s up to you), we can all agree that Blimp’s “Yours” is a smooth groove thus well deserving of our attention. It’s enchanting vocals, disarmingly gorgeous beat and rhythm is overwhelmingly pleasing to the senses. So if you’re looking for a tune to keep your cold nights warm, then this one’s a must add to your playlist pronto!

Can’t get enough of Blimp? If you’re just as passionate as we are, then give him follow on his Instagram, and YouTube accounts for more feel good content.

Stay happy friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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