TBRIZ’s ‘Sundown’ Is A Warm Hug Amidst The Winter Solstice

It’s a few days till Christmas and as we speak we are also currently under the spell of the winter solstice. Whether that means snow in your area, cold winds, rain or a mix of everything mentioned one thing’s sure. We already miss the warmth of the sun caressing our skin and lighting our way. Not to mention the beauty that is sun up and it’s counterpart sundown.

While the cold is equally alluring in its own way. A lot of us lean towards the warmer days because it just feels oh so right. A perfect example of this fondness is Long Island New York based artist TBRIZ’s new song entitled “Sundown”. Released last December 8th, this track is a homage to sundown and the good vibes it brings us every time we see it. It’s a funky, and electric tune that that brings us to a beach on a summers day as we watch the sun go down with our special someone. No worries in mind and in sight, just simply watching the day go by as the waves gently crash. Ahh the life! It’s indeed a chill pill but in musical form.

Filled to brim with a variation of instruments, mesmerizing beats and layered rhythms enough to make you sonically high. TBRIZ’s “Sundown” is a quality example that even though words are absent, music can still touch our inner core. Rather than dictate our thoughts with lyrics, it simply guides us to a place in our imagination where we can instead all freely frolick and play. It’s a liberating feeling, and a true testament that music is magical when in the hands of gifted musicians.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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